The New Ford Service App combines a lot of useful features in one application. Wherever you are going in Ireland and rest of Europe, the new Ford Service app makes sure you’re always on top of the situation providing you with lots of useful features and the help you need. Download the Free New Ford Service App for your smartphone and enjoy the useful features and benefits.

iOS Ford Service AppAndroid Ford Service App

  • In case of an emergency

    In case of an accident of breakdown, this section helps you contact Ford Assist*, a rescue service or the police anywhere in Europe. You can also get first aid tips and easily create a damage report.

  • On the Road

    Search for the nearest petrol station, know what to check before going on a trip and always remember where you parked your car with the clever Park Me feature.

  • Tips and Info

    Learn about EU traffic rules and road signs, and find out more about Ford technologies.

  • Ford Dealer

    Find the Ford dealer nearest to you, and connect to Ford’s Online Service Booking.

  • Offers and Promotions

    Learn about Owner benefits, shop for Ford accessories or learn about current offers and special promotions.

  • Symbols

    Quickly and easily figure out what the warning lamps on your dashboard mean.

*Available to customers with a valid Ford Roadside Assistance certificate only.