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Finlay Ford Naas in the new main sponsor for Naas Cycling Club for the next 3 years

Finlay Ford - Main Sponsor of Naas Cycling Club

Finlay Ford Naas and Naas cycling club

Finlay Ford have teamed up with Naas Cycling Club as the Clubs new main sponsor for the next three years. NCC Chairman Pat Spillane said " Naas Cycling Club are delighted to have such a well known and widely respected
local company as Finlay Ford Naas as the club's new main sponsor and our members will endeavour at all times to represent the club and sponsor in a positive manner and wear the club's new jersey with the sponsors logo with
pride and dignity"    

Part of the new Finlay Ford sponsorship deal involves placing the
Finlay Ford Logo on an updated version of the Naas Cycling Club jersey.
This logo will also be placed on all other club gear as it is ordered for the period
of the three year sponsorship. It is gratifying to note that the new jersey is not significantly different to the previous version and we would like to thank
Mike Finlay for recongnising that the club did not want to have to make a major design change to accomodate his sponsorship needs.

Finlay Ford Naas Director

Finlay Ford Naas and Naas cycling club

Finlay Ford Naas Director Mike Finlay believes an association with Naas Cycling Club is a particulary good fit at this time: " These are great days for Irish cycling and for Naas Cycling Club and I'm delighted to be a part of it.

We at Finlay Ford Naas have seen the developing interest in cycling at home and abroad and the high growth of local sportives. We are very aware that Naas Cycling Club are a club that cater for cycling at all levels and disciplines. From leisure to racing, we are delighted to see their efforts to be an all inclusive club, with seven groups including Womans, Youths and Fáilte Groups all out on the road regularly".

Supporting Local Charity's / Events

Finlay Ford are delighted to be in partnership with Naas Cycling Club for a third year in a row. They host a number of events all year round all of which can be found on their website. Below is a list of some of the charity's supported by Naas Cycling Club and some of the events being held this year.  Finlay Ford are delighted to be involved with these local charity's and wish Naas Cycling Club every sucess in all the events they host.


Saplings School for Children with Autism Kill -  The Tour De Foothills
Kildare Branch Down Syndrome Ireland - The Wicklow Peaks Cycling Challenge
Marie Keating -  The Tour of Kildare

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