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New Year, New Car

Happy New Year to all our customer’s, we hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year.

We have kick started the first two weeks in January off with a bang. Loads of new year’s resolutions have been made and broken already I am sure, but for some lucky people it was not only New Year, New me however it was New Year, New Car.

A lot of People have been patiently waiting in excitement for 2017 to come as it meant they got to pick up their brand new wheels. 171 registrations for us started off first thing last Tuesday morning and is still going strong.

All our team are working extremely hard to ensure all of our customer’s get their car as quickly as possible. Our sales advisor’s make sure that every customer knows the in’s & outs of their new car before they eagerly drive off in it.

Finlay’s have registered a lot of 171 Ford cars and look forward to a year full of new customer’s, new cars & new registrations.

The showroom is filled with excitement and joy at this time of year and we wish all our customer’s safe and happy driving in their new 171 cars.

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