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North Kildare Chamber Awards

This month has been very exciting at Finlay Motor Group. It was time again for the North Kildare Chamber awards to be entered. Last year at the Kildare Chamber awards Gary & Mike Finlay won the ‘Entrepreneurs of the Year’. Both Mike and Gary were and are still very proud of this award and delighted to be recognised on a local level.

After the success of last year we were very excited to put ourselves forward for the awards again this year. It was decided that we would put in applications for not one but two of 10 the North Kildare Chamber awards. The categories we submitted applications for were ‘Retail Excellence’ and ‘SME of the Year’.

With such outstanding businesses in Kildare we knew the competition was going to be tough. After submission of the applications there was an anxious wait to hear the list of businesses which were shortlisted for each award.

When the email of ‘Congratulations’ was received, it was clear we had been shortlisted for at least one of the awards. The excitement of this was doubled when the contents of the email revealed that we had been shortlisted for both of the awards we had entered.

Even to be finalists is such an honour to everyone in Finlay Motor Group. Getting recognition for the hard work and dedication that is put in by every team member is wonderful. We are very aware of the marvellous companies we are up against in both awards and wish all of them the very best of luck.

The awards ceremony where all winners will be announced takes place on Friday 18th November. Keep your fingers crossed for us and stay tuned for hopefully more good news for Finlay Motor Group.

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