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Help Fight Homelessness

One Coffee/Tea cup at a time!

With the evenings drawing in it is very clear that the summer is coming to a close. The air is getting colder and the winter wool's are becoming more evident. The change in the season is the main talking point of a lot of conversations these days & complaints of having to put the heating on or having to get out of bed for work in the dark is a daily occurrence.

These complaints we hear are all from those of us who are lucky enough to have warm comfortable beds to get out of and a roof over our head to leave. This time of year it is the most important time of year to take a moment to think of the less fortunate than ourselves. Think of the homeless, the ones who have no bed or homes, the ones who have actually got something to complain about.

Below are the official figures on official Department of Environment figures sourced from the Peter McVerry Trust.

  • Number of People recorded as Homeless in August 2016 = 6,611
  • Number of Adults recorded as Homeless in August 2016 = 4,248
  • Number of Children recorded as Homeless in August 2016 = 2,363

The figures above are a scary realisation of how many people in our own country are homeless as of last month. These figures need to be decreased rapidly and everyone needs to do their bit to help fight homelessness.
Finlay Motor Group decided to help fight homelessness one coffee/tea cup at a time. Here at Finlay Motor Group we have 38 full time staff, and numerous customers who go to our tea and coffee machine every day. Each cup of tea or coffee is more than likely freely taken for granted.
In an attempt and raise money for homelessness with the Peter McVerry Trust over the next month we are collecting €1 for every tea or coffee. All the money raised over the next few weeks will be matched 100% by Finlay Motor Group. This is our attempt to help fight homelessness and we hope everyone who visits our showroom does their bit to help.

If you do happen to be in with us or see any other collections around, please donate what you can to this very worthwhile cause. And always remember nothing can or should be taken for granted, not a roof over our head, a bed or even a cup of tea/coffee.

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