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Never Miss a Test Drive

So you have decided it is time to change your current vehicle. The next step taken is online research, over 90% of new car buyers conducting research online before visiting a dealership.

With the internet taking over and making it ever easier to compare and contrast, it is easy to skip over some other important aspects of the new car shopping experience.

So what is one important aspect which cannot yet be done online? The test drive!

A lot of people can underestimate the importance of this when looking at buying or leasing their next vehicle. It is easy to fall in love with the look of a vehicle after researching it so much online, that it can often lead to not paying attention to the importance of test drives.

A common saying you hear is ‘you wouldn’t buy a new car without taking it for a test drive’, but this in fact often happens. To fully compare and consider a vehicle it is essential to get a feel for what you are purchasing. Yes you can compare online regarding prices, look, mileage consumption etc. But if the car does not suit your actual driving needs have you done any sufficient research?

Some pointers to take into consideration when going on a test drive:

Know what vehicle you want to take out on a test drive. This is where all your online research comes into play. Once you actually visit the dealership you have narrowed your mind down to a certain model(s) that interests you.

Get to know your vehicle:
You will be given an initial walk around the vehicle by our sales executive’s, so if there is something you are not sure of do not hesitate to ask. This is your chance to get to know whether this vehicle is right for you so make sure you know everything you need to.
Right fit:You will need to keep in mind you and your families needs for the vehicle. Will the vehicle work for you all? E.g. will you have enough room in the back for necessary car seats?
Bring a friend: Having another person accompany you on the test drive is a good idea. They will be able to give you a second opinion on points you may not have picked up on. They will be able to listen to your opinions and give advice also when you are considering buying.
Same day: If you have a couple of vehicles you want to test drive in mind, it is best to do all the test drives in the one day. This will allow you to easily compare the vehicles and make an educated decision on which to purchase.

Whether you are looking to purchase a new or used vehicle, all of our sales team are more than happy to help and make sure you choose the correct vehicle. And don’t forget to always test drive it is essential part of the buying process

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