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Bill Ford speaks at Websummit 2015

William Clay Ford Jr. or more commonly known as Bill Ford is the executive chairman of Ford Motor Company. Bill is great grandson of Henry Ford - founder of Ford Motor Company.

Bill spoke earlier today at the 2015 Web Summit in Dublin and it was one of the highlights of the day. Bill spoke of the change which is happening in the motor industry thanks to technology. He mentioned numerous times that all business's including Ford should only exist to make peoples lives better.

Speaking on how a company succeeds in business today he mentioned that a company which will emerge as winner in such an era will be the one which can stitch all aspects of a business together while ensuring peoples lives are made easier.

For a company which has not seen any major revolutions Bill ensured he is not nervous of the changes in the industry. Ford are playing and experimenting in new areas so as to be able to move with the times.
Ford and Bill are enabling start ups to find them all over the world by setting up labs and offices. He understands that it is important to find the right people to help Ford grow in the technology and innovation sectors.
Customer experience is going to be a huge importance to Ford, customers will be touched with value added things says Bill Ford. Finlays are always looking to improve our customers experience and agree with Bill Ford in the importance of this.
Bill finished up by emphasising one last time that customer's lives should work better and be more enjoyable because of Business's. All the Finlay's team strive to make this statement a reality for all our customers and look forward to a future with Ford.

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