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Finlay's meet the new Ford Mustang

Ford announced earlier this year of the launch of the New ford Mustang. It has been the talk of the car world ever since and the long anticipated wait was over for the lucky staff of Finlay Motor Group last week.

The New Ford Mustang was a surprise guest at Ford’s 2016 launch in Carton House Co. Kildare. The iconic car was welcomed to a very excited room full of surprised onlookers from dealerships around the country. The Mustang was the talk of the day and getting to get up close and personal to the new cutting edge design was by far the highlight of the event.

Performance, refinement and efficiency personalised, the New Ford Mustang’s cutting edge design and state of the art technologies unite to redefine a legend.

Ford has managed to embody the spirit of the Mustang in an ultra modern form. It is the next generation Ford Mustang while still empowering the iconic, powerful and dynamic aspects that Mustang has always represented. Distinctive features such as headlamps, rear light designs and others leave you in no doubt as to the car’s identity. A great day was had by all who attended and we are all looking forward to seeing the New Ford Mustang grace the Irish roads in the next few months.

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